RH 2014-200x200


Thanks to everyone who came out to see us in Europe this year! I think I speak for everyone involved when I say it was a perfectly lovely month on the road and everyone we met who came to the show made us glad we’d finished the album and decided to hit the road. Here’s where we’re at now individually:

JM: moved to Texas, just moved into his new place, is developing a podcast called One Hit Wondering, starts his first Twitter Account, and continues to remix, produce, write, drink cocktails, raise a fabulous dog.  

Joe: continues to make amazing music with his band Fair Ohs, travels to Mexico with his lady friend, probably bringing his karate uniform with him…

Robin: touring the world with Yann Tiersen, releases solo record via Scissor Tail Recordings, probably making a hilarious Vine.

Me (DM): finishing up recording a solo album with producer Ben Hillier, working on more songs with Yuuki Matthews, Sufjan, Aaron Roche, Serafina Steer (soon please?), and trying to find an apartment in Brooklyn. 

The Rev Ho: as a group, we’re working on finishing some new songs, including one for an upcoming Red Hot compilation.

I love lists. Say Hi sometime!